New video service connects users to linguists… wherever they are

Language services provider thebigword has launched a video remote interpreting service (VRI) to give users instant access to face-to-face support from expert linguists wherever they are in the world.

VRI works in a similar way to Skype and FaceTime and connects users to professional interpreters for verbal or sign language services.

The company’s smart technology enables users to select linguist attributes such as security clearance, qualifications, sector expertise and gender.

This ensures they access the right interpreter for the job, however complex or challenging.

Matthew Lowe, sales director at thebigword, said: “Imagine receiving vital information in a medical emergency overseas or being called to a make-or-break meeting with international clients at short notice.

“Being able to understand what is being communicated could make all the difference between life and death or success and failure.

“When conveying important messages, it can be extremely helpful to see the person you are communicating with.
“Facial expressions and body language set the right tone and help to avoid any misunderstanding.”

VRI saves time and money for users in the public and private sectors and can be more convenient for linguists who do not have to travel to fulfil appointment.

Larry Gould, founder and Executive Chairman of thebigword, said: “Our VRI service is proving irresistible with our clients, particularly in emergency and police services.

“With the need to use taxpayers’ money in an efficient way, VRI is a cost-effective means of communication.
“We are using the latest technology to break down the final barriers to peace and prosperity for users, wherever they are in the world.”

For more information about thebigword and VRI please contact Matt Lowe at

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