thebigword’s Video Remote Interpreting available through Governments G-Cloud 12

thebigword has been awarded a place on the UK Government G-Cloud 12 contract, giving over 100,000 people in the public sector access to distant interpreting services such as video remote interpreting through the WordSynk cloud technology.

G-Cloud 12 is the UK governments Cloud based digital framework which can be accessed by any UK Government Organisations to purchase cloud-based computing services. thebigword’s WordSynk Platform is available for purchase from a Software as a Service model (Saas) via the Cloud Software lot.

WordSynk is thebigword’s state-of-the-art language software technology that gives Government organisations instant access to over 20,000 interpreters and translators through a single platform in over 250 language combinations.

The WordSynk platform allows Government organisations to easily host multilingual virtual meetings in a secure environment, manage in-house interpreting teams through an automated Interpreting Management System and to instantly translate content from one language to another using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The WordSynk system is one of the most secure cloud-solutions available with 265-bit encryption and hosting through Microsoft Azure. thebigword Group is also the only company that is an approved language service provider for Crown Commercial Services for language services (RM1092) and language services technology via G-Cloud.

Chief Information Officer Mark Rice said: “Our WordSynk technology has been developed to make it as easy as possible for Government organisations to access our services.

We are particularly proud of our video remote interpreting service which is already being used by Government organisations in the UK to communicate with limited English speakers.”

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